Downtown Sarasota is a lively place with a plethora of tourist attractions. Whether it’s art, theatre, music, food, or outdoor adventures, Sarasota has it all! But what we love most about Downtown Sarasota is that, along with these activities, it boasts of a “happening” nightlife. If you are looking for things to do in Downtown Sarasota on a Friday night, you have come to the right destination. Gear up for a night like you never imagined! Now you have the chance to get a real feel of all Downtown Sarasota has to offer every Friday Night with the one tour that offers all this and much more – all in one!


Gallery Night artists are an elite group of talented artists who share their inspiring creations with visitors of Downtown Sarasota. On a crisp Friday evening, you can revel in the joy of exploring the arts, culture, and creativity brewing in this little community.

Palm Avenue offers art connoisseurs a chance to experience the Palm Avenue First Friday walk at 6 pm on the very first Friday of every month till 9 pm. Palm venue is widely recognized for its art galleries and quaint antique shops. The First Friday walk features live performances that will catch the fancy of any art enthusiast. Revel in the creative magnificence of this town as you stroll with your loved ones and take insta-worthy pictures of the entertaining shows and performances.


What is better than traversing the lovely streets of Downtown Sarasota with live music playing at the back? On this tour, get a chance to stroll the outdoors with a little jazz to shake a leg. Since Downtown Sarasota is a foodie community at heart, combine the two and you have a lovely spread on the dinner table with delightful music to keep you thoroughly entertained.

Every Friday night, entertain yourself with outdoor music playing at a variety of restaurants in Downtown Sarasota that have opened their outdoor patios to welcome you to a night full of food, drinks and music. Don’t worry about the chills because these eateries are equipped with patio heaters and delicious food to keep your body and heart warm!

Nicky’s on Palm gives you a quintessential European dining experience. At the same time, Classico on the Lower Main allows you to shake a leg with an amazing selection of cocktail drinks from an elaborate bar. Mattinson’s on Upper Main serves you food made exclusively from the finest ingredients, with live music titillating your earbuds.

A Night to Remember!

Downtown Sarasota lives up to its appeal of having great nightlife. To amalgamate the best of Down Sarasota, art, live music and food, all on one night, check out the upcoming schedule of this tour that will leave your heart and stomach content!